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Today the whole world is moving towards Yoga and Ayurveda for holistic approach to health and well-being. To Empower Digital India and the Make in India Campaign, We are introducing HealthConnect 24 , an unique health destination to bring Yog , Ayurveda , Wellness , Swasth Bharat and Swadeshi into a single platform to provide real time access of Yoga & Ayurveda , AYUSH [ Medicines & Doctors ] , Home Remedy and Herbal Products in the most modern manner to build healthy & prosperous India .HealthConnect24 is an online platform to provide: -
• Divya Ayurvedic Solutions for all diseases on real time through Yoga (Pranayama, Asana, Vyayam), Ayurveda, Acupressure, Home - Remedy, Ayurvedic therapy, AYUSH Medicines & Herbal Products. • Find and list nearest Ayurvedic Pharmacy, AYUSH Doctors, Panchkarma / Physiotherapy, Yoga / Meditation centers on real time.• Book Online appointment with Doctors / Alternative therapy centers / Institutions.• Sell AYUSH Medicines, Herbal Products to users with home delivery facilities.• Platform to Propagate Yoga & Ayurveda and advertise new and upcoming products on real time and reach the millions easily.
Our mission is to provide affordable and easy accessible health services to all and to make the whole world disease free through natural care. It will help to boost Indian economic growth and bolster national pride.